Excitement for the new library automation program

August 23, 2006 by

Last year I told my boss that I was very unhappy with Library Pro. If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would probably purchase Destiny by Follett. It really has the features that I think make us better librarians for our patrons. John, my boss, is an open source fan. Read that to be, he is willing to provide the support an open source program needs to get up and running.

We are getting prepared to implement Koha in our district. This will allow for some flexibility that we haven’t had before. It will also allow a good test run of this program for other school libraries. For the past few days I have been looking at the features of Koha that make it nice. One that I came across today is library barcodes. Right now every automation program I know requires you to use a specific type of label. Koha will allow you to set up your barcode page to be what you want it to be. Why don’t other programs do this?

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  1.   Joshua Ferraro Says:

    Great news that you’re excited about Koha! The community is very strong and the development cycles very fast.

    Your readers may be interested to know that in addition to the option of doing all the work inhouse, there are commercial support options available for Koha, including fully-hosted managed solutions. These offerings make it possible for even smaller libraries who don’t have onsite technical support to take advantage of the rapid development cycles, community-driven features, and low cost-of-ownership of an open-source solution (plus, you get warm fuzzies :-)). See the Support Page for companies in your area:

    Also, if you’d like to see demos of Koha, feel free to visit and try out the LibLime Koha Demos:

  2.   xman Says:

    You don’t no much about library systems. The barcode is immaterial to the system. It’s material to the barcode reader. Heck if your barcode reader will handle it you can use the the postal barcode. A barcode is just a font. Glad John is an open source fan willing to support it. Exactly what happens when John leaves and you with your staggering lack of library systems knowledge (opinion based solely on your demonstrated lack of knowledge on a building block such as barcodes) has to support this by your lonesome. Don’t know the LibraryPro software, but it has to be pretty crappy to make Koha seem sensible.

    I doubt you post since you don’t allow anonymous

  3.   Bobcat Says:


    Your staggering lack of knowledge of….well, let me just say I don’t think you interpreted her barcode comment correctly.

    Pretty rough talk, there, poncho. What’s your background? ;-)

    Darla was not exactly accurate when she said her boss would support an Open Source library circulation program if she selected one. What she MEANT to say is that her organization is willing to support Koha – and other software that is “free like a puppy”.

    I would gladly compare the support I’ve received from Open Source communities with other large systems our district runs. Some Open Source projects have saved us HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. Support has been fast and responsive in most cases. In almost every case the support from active OSS communities has been superior to vendor-provided support.

    You fail to mention whether or not you’ve used Library Pro, or any library circulation system. Maybe you could offer some suggested alternatives instead just insulting the post. Just a thought.


  4.   Nicole Engard Says:


    I am pushing and opensource ILS solution in our library – I’d love to talk with you more about how this transition goes for you. My contact info is available on my website – and probably in your comments administration panel.


  5.   Nicole Engard Says:

    Oops typo – “I am pushing an opensource…”.


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