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August 29, 2006 by

After reading David Lee King’s Blog about what libraries put on their websites, it makes me think what would help our patrons the most.  Today I am just looking at the BSSD Media Center website to see if I have all of these features.
Traditional Content, or “Stuff we Buy”: – We have this within the media tub lists that we provide on the website.  Principals and teachers can download the list of tubs if they would like the list in a paper format.  Some people still seem to prefer a paper copy rather than using the online catalog.
Original Content, or “Stuff Librarians Create” – This would be the links that I provide for Battle of the Books.  I still need to upload my tables for this year.

Attendable Content, or “Things you Attend or Visit” – Battle of the Book dates and when I will be attending different schools.
Collaborative Content, or “Interacting with Patrons” – I need to think more about this.  How can I interact with my patrons more?  I am here to provide help to the teachers so that they can have their workload lessened as they teach class

Library/Librarians as Content, or “Content About the Library” – How people can use the library and contact information about me and Maggie.  I think that might be covered.

The question now is what would be better on my website.  I am going to start mulling this over before I add content willy/nilly

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