Just when I was feeling at my lowest–A light shines through

September 24, 2007 by

This year we are reorganizing the media center and trying to organize the database for Koha so that it looks better.  This will be a long process that will only be accomplished with small steps along the way.

Last week, I went to Shaktoolik.  I uploaded a bunch of books and got them processed and set up for their students.  I just went into the OPAC and looked at recent arrivals for Shaktoolik.  Each of the books show up just as they should.  Their location has their school abbreviation and shelving location.  Their ISBN’s don’t have anything extra so their pictures show up like they should.  It seems funny, but just seeing that these records work like they should give me the energy to work on the older records and make them look better.

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  1.   Daniel Cornwall Says:

    Glad to hear you’re still finding Koha work rewarding. You’re my role model for open source in rural areas. Keep up your visionary work!

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